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2017 Reflections

I have no idea where the past year has gone. It only feels like yesterday that we were leaving 2016 behind us and looking forward to what 2017 was going to hold. As I look back, theres been a lot of good that has come my way, but I also recognise that its been a pretty tough year too.
My health has taken up a huge part of my year, and not in a good way. I spent the majority of the year waiting for my operation, but as I was doing so my health deteriorated quite considerably. I've had multiple days out of the office, and missed out on family/friend engagements more than ever before. I've had many trips to the doctors or hospital, whether thats through unexpected pain or planned appointments. Finally, and perhaps the biggest bump in the road, was the confirmation that my consultant can now justify the hysterectomy that no one wants to think about, but that is inevitable in the next couple of years. 
Its been a rollercoaster ride, one that has tested my positivity and at times on…

Recovery Update

Two and a half weeks post op and I feel worse than I did when I wrote my last post a week after surgery. They always say recovery is a rollercoaster and it certainly has its ups and downs. This week I've been struggling with intense cramps that make me just want to curl up in a ball, and pounding headaches that make me want to bury my head under a pillow. Its been particularly frustrating seeing as my physical wounds are healing very well and I'm now able to walk around normally, rather than being scared that the slightest wrong movement could reopen an incision. That said I have managed to venture out for an hour here and there to catch up with family and friends to stop myself from going completely mad from cabin fever. Although laying under a blanket, with the cats, watching Christmas films by the Christmas tree lights hasn't been too much of a hardship with how I've been feeling.
I know I'm still healing after major surgery but its hard not to worry that the pa…

Post Operation Update

Wow. Has it really been a week already since my operation?! OK so yes I am feeling it but I honestly don't know where that time has gone. But I promised I would give you all an update on what has happened etc so let me start from the beginning...

Bowel prep. Yes thats where I am going to start. And yes it really was as horrendous as I was expecting. Naturally seeing as it wasn't a pleasant experience, they make you go through the process twice. So Wednesday night, I hid myself away and again on Thursday morning at 5am I did the same. Theres not much more to say on the subject apart from I don't want to see another enema for a very VERY long time.

I got to the hospital at 7am on the Thursday morning. Nervous and anxious for what the day was to hold, my parents and sister accompanied me to my place on the ward. I eventually had a nurse come and see me to start the process of getting ready, and before I knew it I was in my gown, with my stockings on, waving goodbye to my fami…