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Dear Endometriosis

I've never been very good at talking about my feelings, especially face to face. I can't find the words. I get flustered. And my emotions take over. But luckily I can write them down instead so here goes...
I've had a bad few days. I've been massively frustrated with my situation. That includes my body, my mindset, people, work, the lot! I've let anger take over and at times its been misdirected. I've been so upset and annoyed that I've lost myself. I've hated the world and I've hated people too. Its bought me to tears and I've allowed it to consume me. I've let my own insecurities and worries take over. I've let myself believe the worst of people, people who I call my friends. And none of that is okay.
I've been determined from day one that Endo/Adeno wouldn't dictate my life, but I'm seeing that it does more and more. And even more frustratingly, its completely out of my control. When you are someone who is extremely motiv…

The Reality of a Bad Day

Thursday I woke up feeling unusually low. My pain had been worsening as the week was going on and the realisation that my consultant may have been right, and that my pain was in fact due to the Adenomyosis and not the Endometriosis, meaning the operation wasn't going to provide me with the relief I was praying for, was starting to sink in. I had an early orthodontist appointment so knew I needed to get up. It was a struggle. The pain in my tummy was intense and I felt nauseous with it. I needed to leave at around 8.30am, and I was still sitting at home at 8.45am wondering how I was going to make my appointment in 25 minutes. I was so close to giving in and calling up to cancel. My body wasn't going to be my friend and with my mindset, I certainly didn't feel like I had the fight in me to go to battle with it. Luckily my stubbornness took over and told me to get my arse in the car and to the appointment. Fortunately the traffic was on my side and I made it with a minute to …