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It was two weekends ago that my pain was even worse than usual. It had been building for over a week and so reluctantly I gave in and made an appointment at my GP surgery on the Sunday morning. I went in and was checked over. Nothing unusual was found but I was advised to get back to my gynae as soon as possible and an internal scan was requested to see what was going on. I was sent away with 100 codeine tablets and 84 anti sickness pills. I was definitely going to rattle! With the shed load of pills, I was also given the advice that if the pain got worse to go straight to A&E. Well, 4 hours later thats where my sister and I were sitting. Great. Just where everybody wants to be on a Sunday night!

We spent 5 hours at the hospital. I was checked over again and had bloods taken. It was busy as always. Just before they were going to get a gynae consultant to see me, they asked for a urine test. Now I had done one at the doctors in the morning but I obliged naturally. Just as well they…

Is it back?

This week marked 13 weeks since my excision surgery. In some ways it feels like a lifetime ago but equally it also only feels like yesterday. The fact I'm not back at work full time doesn't help with that feeling but its what my body needs and I know I should listen to it, as difficult as that can be. However, in listening to my body this week I've also started to wonder, is the Endo back already?

Last Friday as I got up to start preparing some food for dinner, I had a stabbing sensation in my lower left abdomen. As per the normal reaction for cramps, I bent over and crouched down praying for the pain to pass. But it didn't. In fact it got worse, to the point where I ended up simply just sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor. Every time I moved, the pain intensified making me feel sick and filling me with panic. I started to wonder how I was going to get off the floor. I even started thinking about how dreadful spending a night in A&E was going to be! Luckily,…