Another Me Update

Its been over a month since my last post. Why? Well, in all honesty, I was struggling with writing about Endo when it was consuming so much of my time and thoughts already. Trying to put it down on paper (or on a computer in this case!) was very hard and I have always said I would only continue with my blog when it was working for me. It was meant to help, not hinder me. There was so much hope and optimism that my surgery would make a difference to my pain, and so when it didn't, it was a massive disappointment. Not just for me but those around me too. Things have been tricky, and as I wrote in my previous posts, the reality of the big op happening is very slowly sinking in. However, as it sinks it, it means I can also start to process it and get my head around the emotions that come with it. That comes with time and the break has been good for me. For a while it felt like everything was very negative but we're on the up. So here I am, I'm back and typing away...

So whats been happening... Since my last post, I received the letter in the post regarding the different types of hysterectomies and further information from my Consultant. I have been very honest about my lack of interest in going back on the injections to put my body into menopause which he seems to be concerned about, but I have done that three times now and I hate who I become on them. Something to discuss I'm sure and whilst I know they're the professionals, I am also very aware that ultimately I am the one who has to deal with the side effects which we all know can be very unpleasant. I can't say I took too much of the information regarding the op on board at this point. Maybe theres still an element of me sticking my head in the sand but I will come to that when I absolutely need to. And yes I know thats going to be sooner rather than later. I have also received my appointment through to see the other Consultant for a second opinion. Unfortunately thats not until July, so as always its a waiting game. But its now only two weeks until my appointment with Mr W so hopefully that alone will keep me going until the next one.

Along with the upcoming hospital appointments, three weeks ago I started my counselling sessions. I am going to London Bridge to see a lady who specialises in fertility counselling. Its a bit of a trek on a weekly basis but I have sign off for another ten sessions so I'm really hoping they will be of help. I'm not entirely convinced after two but I'm going to continue to give it a shot...

In other news, three weeks ago I also found out I will be going to Australia to work for three months as of August. How amazing is that?! I don't think I completely believe it myself yet to be honest. But its HUGE! Huge and exciting but equally daunting and nerve-wracking. My work have been fantastic and said they will ensure I've got easy access to the health system whilst I'm out there, just in case I need it. At least thats one less thing to worry about hey. And I know I'm one of the lucky ones who has such an understanding company that I work for. But if nothing else, I hope it gives people hope that there are good companies out there that will support you and continue to provide you opportunities regardless of your health! I know its something I've written about previously and that has been a concern for me personally but it just proves that people don't stop believing in your ability just because you've been dealt a duff hand.

And finally, a quick mention to our lovely North Essex Endometriosis UK support group. It was our first Birthday yesterday and what a massive difference you ladies have made to me over the past year. I remember being very nervous on the first day but now I have made true friends from it. Thank you for your continued support and heres to another year.

Mini update complete. Promise I won't leave it so long next time, but until then, take care and be kind. Always.

A x

Ps. blog writing is the best with my fur babies! See pic.


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