She's back!

Its been a while. I said I was going to take a couple of weeks off and its turned into almost a month away. It was needed. I was feeling really low. Writing about how I felt has helped me enormously in the past, not only with getting things off my mind but with accepting the cards I had been dealt. But it was actually starting to make things worse for me. I needed to stop letting this disease completely consume me.

There is a lot of negativity that comes with living with something you know will never been cured. Not long ago we lost a member of the Endo community. The pain and the lack of help made her feel like there was no other way out. I know what it is like to have dark days, but I hope to never ever feel like there is nothing but complete darkness like she did. And that is part of the reason I write this blog. To help me but to also help others know they aren't alone.

So here I am! Back sitting here, writing to you all. Its been a good couple of weeks. A week away on holiday with my best friend provided a much needed break away from the stress of work and every day life. Luckily my pain also gave me a little break. Obviously it can't quite leave me completely but ya know, maybe that's just how good a companion I am, haha!

Work has been crazy busy since I've been back. I've made a few trips to London, and although I struggle with tiredness, I'm enjoying the challenge and change of scenery. We all have our different ways of coping with our illnesses and various things we choose to focus on, but as many of you know I have completely thrown myself into my work. I've always been extremely motivated to have a successful career but since coming to terms with not having a natural family of my own, its really spurred me on to do even better. That's why when I found out today that I was accepted into a Global Talent Programme at work, I was super proud. It means that the firm are going to invest a huge amount into my development and give me the skills I require to go far. For me, that is hugely exciting and only makes me more determined to say screw you Endo! I know its going to be tough but I'm ready to tackle it head on.

What I'm trying to say is that I know many of us see a lot of bad things from living with a chronic disease, but how we let it define us is massively important in being able to still achieve the things we want in life. We may not get everything we had wished for and yes, we may have had a lot taken away from us. But there is still so much for the taking. So go grab the bull by the horns and say screw you Endo too!

Remember you are not alone. You never will be. And if you need help, speak up. The Endo community is a powerful thing.

Its good to be back...

A x


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