What a week!

Wow what a week!! Its been stressful and exhausting, but equally motivating and invigorating! This week I have learnt new skills and dealt with difficult and challenging situations. But I've succeeded in each one. I may be knackered but it makes me excited for what the future may hold in my professional career. I've always been keen to develop and move up in my role, but this week I've proven that not only is it possible, but that I am also able to do so in the middle of a raging endo flare up! Now that is a definite accomplishment!

My pain is still pretty horrendous. The burning stomach won't ease up and it feels like its weighing me down. I know that stress seems to make it worse so fingers crossed a chilled weekend will help improve my symptons. Until then, I just need to persevere with it.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow is the North Essex Endometriosis UK support group that I wrote about at the beginning of the week, with guest speaker Mr Barry Whitlow. It'll be nice to see fellow warriors again. Then I have a house viewing in the afternoon which I am quite excited about, followed by another house viewing on Sunday.

Who knows, there could be big changes ahead! But for now, my Friday night involves chilling on the sofa with my furbaby, perfect.

A x


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