Cream crackered!

I'm not sure why but this afternoon has caught up on me and I feel like I've been hit by a train. My pain has been relatively bad over the last couple of days but its continued to creep up on me and now its pretty intense. I've come home, got straight in my comfy clothes and plonked myself on the sofa.

I know I've got an evening ahead of trying to perfect an application that I'm writing for a new opportunity at work. I worked on it until 9pm last night and spent another hour on it on Sunday. I really want this. But my goodness I am SO tired. Fingers crossed it'll be worth it.

I've received a letter from the hospital today regarding my appointment last week. Its addressed to my Consultant and details the fact I am struggling with pain more and more. Hopefully it'll give him a little push a long the way to getting the surgery booked in. Who knows, it may even be sooner than I'm thinking.... nahhh who am I kidding. Still a date later in the year would be better than no date at all.

Not much else to report but a special shout out to my parents who are celebrating their Pearl (30th) Wedding Anniversary today. What an inspiration they are!

Take care all
A x


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