Nothing new

I know I need to write a blog, I'm just struggling with knowing what to write. I could talk about how tired I am recently and that there seems to be no let up. But thats not new. I could talk about my lack of motivation, and that everything is taking a lot of effort. But thats not particularly new either. I could talk about my frustration about my lack of hospital date, and how every day I get in from work I look longingly for a letter on the doormat from the postman. But again, thats not new.

Basically, theres not much new stuff going on at the moment. I've been spending quality time with family and friends, and working hard at work. I did receive my The Endo Co bracelet this week which was a perfect little treat. Its so lovely and I would highly recommend ordering one, especially as some of the proceeds goes toward Endometriosis research. Find out how here.  

Hope everyone is keeping well. And remember, in Ellen's words, be kind to one another.

A x


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