Hospital Update

So I had my hospital appointment at 9am this morning to discuss my bowel endometriosis. I sat down with a nurse practitioner who was very attentive and informative.

She explained the different options that may occur in my excision surgery at the end of the year. Below I have detailed these with a little help from Endometriosis UK website (thanks!).

There are essentially three surgery options for bowel endometriosis, which will be tailored to an individual’s needs:
  • Affected areas or nodules can be “shaved” off the bowel leaving the bowel intact. This option may leave residual endometriosis.
  • For smaller areas of endometriosis, the disc of affected bowel is cut away followed by the closure of the hole in the bowel with stitches.
  • The affected segment or section of bowel is removed and the bowel is re-joined (re-anastomosis).
There is a possibility that a temporary colostomy will be needed. However, I was told this is rare and would only be required for 6 weeks. Some complications to consider are: a leak in the bowel where the bowel is re-joined, infection in the stitches and chest or urine infections.

Post operation you will be on painkillers and it is likely that you will need a urinary catheter for a few days after your operation. Recovery after any surgery varies depending on the individual, however, in general after laparoscopic bowel surgery you can expect to go home after 4 -7 days, and after open bowel surgery it is usual to leave after 8 – 12 days. You can expect to be off work for at least four weeks after major bowel surgery. It may take six months before you feel fully back to normal.

For further info take a look here

Luckily for me, I managed to get myself out of a rather uncomfortable procedure whereby they put a camera inside your colon etc to check for further endometriosis. I do need to bear this in mind if my symptoms worsen however, but I really do hope to avoid that pleasure!!

Interestingly the nurse was rather put out by the fact I will have waited almost a year for my operation, as they have duty to treat you within a certain amount of time once put forward for a procedure. She has said she will be writing to my Consultant regarding this.

Overall, an interesting chat and at least I know a bit more of what to expect for the operation. I just need that date now!

A x


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