Ending on a Positive Note

What a week! Work has been crazy busy with the project I've been working on and with today being the deadline for some of the work, it was always going to be.

Yesterday I worked from home due to pain and nausea. Well I have no time for that (!!) but I have learnt more so in the last year than ever that I have to listen to my body. But needless to say I refuse for it to stop me for too long so I was back in the office today.

Been lucky to work with some good people on this project so at least theres some laughter to go with the work. And the hard work paid off. Today we finished the week on a high with a good result for the team.

Not only did we finish on a high, it was my last full week of work until mid May. Lots of holiday and bank holidays coming up to make my working weeks shorter. Happy days!

Now its time to relax and enjoy the weekend... hope you all do too!

A x


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