Hospital Scan

Let me start by saying I hate hospitals. Like really hate them. The smell as you walk through those front doors. The old cream coloured walls. The tired worn furniture from where hundreds of individuals have sat and waited for appointments or loved ones. And the beds. Oh the beds. They have always freaked me out. I don't know why but they send shivers down my spine.

Now once I've got over the initial hatred of the hospital, I have to make my way to the gynaecology department which is right over the other side of the building. Typical. If it isn't enough that I'm dealing with the million voices telling me to head for the nearest exit, I get to the seating area and I'm sitting with pregnant women. Turns out the ultrasound areas are the same ones that are used for pregnancy scans! So there I am, sitting waiting to find out if I've got new cysts on my ovaries, whilst hearing the excited expectant mothers and their partners going through their pregnancy packs and waiting for their 20 week scan! Is it just me or has someone not thought that one through?! The last thing someone facing a hysterectomy at the age of 26 needs to deal with is being at the hospital waiting for their mortifying internal scan, with the excited parents to be!!

So okay now I'm dealing with the hatred of the hospital, the sadness of sitting with the pregnant women and next I've got to deal with the uncomfortable scan. Well, the nurse couldn't find my left ovary today. My silly uterus was sitting in a funny position which meant the ovary managed to hide the whole time. On the plus, they were able to find my right ovary which did have a follicular cyst on it. I didn't get details on size etc, that will come in the report in the next couple of weeks. But it could explain the additional pain I have been experiencing.

I was pleased to get out of there and back into the fresh air. I was able to breathe again and think clearly. I guess I need to get over my hospital fear. I have years to come of visiting the place after all. I'll update you all once I get the official report. Another day of Endo fun, done!

A x


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