The H Word

I read in so many forums about women asking about hysterectomies and whether they will help with the Endometriosis pain. I know I've posted previously about my situation and knowing that the end result will be a hysterectomy for me BUT this is not due to the Endometriosis. It is due to the Adenomyosis.

Endometriosis is where the cells from inside the uterus appear and grow outside the womb. They still act in the same way as they would inside the uterus so each month they go through the process of swelling and shedding, i.e. a period. With nowhere to go, the blood builds up as scar tissue in the pelvic area and on other organs. Removing the womb will not stop this from happening!

At the same time as a hysterectomy, you would also require the excision procedure to remove the Endo from other areas. If the surgeon doesn't get all the Endo, it will remain and still act in the same way as before.

Sure for some women, they only require one excision operation and they may not need another. Whereas some others need these procedures yearly to give them some relief from the pain. On average my Consultant said the Endo grows back by the 2 year point. But of course everyone is different.

Unfortunately, Adenomyosis is where there is Endometriosis in the lining of the womb muscle. This cannot be removed in the same way as the normal Endo as it is part of the organ. Therefore, that is why us women with Ade often face the last resort of the hysterectomy.

My advice as a young woman facing these issues is get a second opinion before making any final decisions when it comes to the big ops. My Consultant won't proceed without having a second person review my case due to my age. He is classed as the top Endo surgeon in my area too, so if he gets a second opinion, you should too!

I know my fate but it doesn't have to be everyones!

A x


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