A year ago...

A year ago today I sat and wrote a Facebook post about my situation. I sat pondering on whether to post it for ages. On one side, my mind was telling me that it was positive. That people needed to know to help them understand. It felt like it would take a weight off my shoulders. On the other side, my mind was telling me that people would judge me. That it would make me appear weak or that I was trying to use the illness as an excuse.

The first thoughts won. I hit post and quickly shut down Facebook. But the intrigued side of me kept me checking my phone. Every time a new notification popped up on Facebook I felt nervous but excited to see what it was!

Luckily for me, the response was nothing but supportive. I got messages from people I least expected to read my posts, let alone take the time to like or comment on it. From that day on, I have been more vocal about my condition. Not to get sympathy but to help raise awareness of the disease that so many women suffer with around the world.

Not for one minute do I regret hitting post on that status on Facebook a year ago today.

A x

"I'm sharing this as a fellow sufferer of this disease and to help people get a better understanding of what it means. I was diagnosed 18 months ago. For me, it's not just the physical complications but more how you deal with it mentally. At 24, it's hard to come to terms with the fact you may never have the family you have always dreamed of. But with the support of family and friends it makes it that much easier. Life throws us curveballs, and this is mine. A huge thank you to everyone who supports me, I am very lucky."


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