How to Support Someone Living with Endometriosis

Its always hard for people to know how to deal with someone who has Endometriosis. What do you say? You can't say anything that will help the feelings of loss and sadness of dealing with a lifelong disease. What can you do? You can't take away the pain that they suffer with day in day out. How can you help? You can't do anything whilst they are curled up in pain high on meds.

Its easy to think you can't help or say the right things. But remember, those of us who suffer do hear the nice things you say to us when we're feeling low. We do recognise that you would take the pain away if you could. And we do appreciate all the things you do to help make our lives easier.

This post was a great read and gives some pointers if you're wondering how to help! Have a read here:

Thank you to all those that support me.

A x


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