Good Day

Its been an odd week. I've felt pretty up and down, although with the news from the hospital its been a bit more down than usual. But I've taken their advice and already started to make changes to my diet. I've swapped my Ben & Jerrys for dairy free Perfect World ice cream. And I've swapped my normal semi skimmed milk for lactose free semi skimmed milk. Its a start at least.

On top of making changes, I've got a few days off, today being the first of four days. And its been a good day. I got up and went to the gym, did a food shop, dismantled my old bed and got a lovely new king size bed, put that together, hoovered the house, and cooked dinner. I've laughed a lot and feel like I've achieved something with my day.

Shout out to the Bestie for laughing with me today... and for helping me with my new bed. You're a gem!

I like days like today....

A x


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