Migraine & Flare up

Well it turns out my positive pants didn't do the trick this time. Yesterday I wrote about a bad headache that wasn't shifting. So you can only imagine my disappointment when I woke with it again this morning. But this time it was even worse!

I got up ready for work but quickly realised it wasn't going to happen today. Sitting in front of a computer screen all day with what now felt like a migraine wasn't going to work. I admitted defeat and texted my manager (hello if you're reading!).

It's been a day of popping various pills to see what helps. Firstly migraine tablets, then codeine. I hate taking codeine so I only give in to it when I absolutely have to. It makes me feel all kinds of funny! But needs must. Now as I'm writing this my headache is still pounding and the stabbing pain has begun in my pelvic area so perhaps it's not just a migraine and actually a flare up that I'm suffering with.

It comes back to the usual situation of never knowing when this disease is going to strike and knock you for six. All I can hope is that it'll be a quick flare up and not a week like before. There's stuff I want to be doing so please be kind to me...

A x


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