IBS? Gluten Intolerant? Lactose Intolerant?

Been having a bit of a low day today. I contacted the hospital as I hadn't heard anything about my scan results. The good thing is there were no more cysts. The bad thing is my bowel was extended and they don't know why.

If you remember I said they couldn't find my left ovary. Well it turns out thats because my bowel was enlarged and in the way. When I spoke to the nurse today she said it must have been really enlarged for it to be blocking my ovary. Now the question is, why is it so big?!

70% of endometriosis sufferers are also diagnosed with IBS. Many women also find they have intolerances to gluten and lactose. For those who struggle with Endo on the bowel, it is advised they keep a food diary to see what causes discomfort and flare ups, with the view to removing those items from their diet full time.

My mindset today says isn't it enough that you have taken my chances of having children naturally away from me? Now you want to take chocolate and Ben & Jerrys ice cream from me too?! I know its a small price to pay to potentially reduce the pain but it really feels like one thing after another with this disease.

I also found out that I'm second on the waiting list for my next operation. Its classed as a "major" procedure. Fantastic. They need to remove the endometriosis but because its all over my bowel too, they need extra hands in the theatre from other specialists. The risks were explained to me before. It could result in me waking up with a stoma. It could be temporary, it could be permanent. That to me is terrifying. I know its a chance I've got to take. And no doubt its a chance I'll have to take many more times in my life.

I'm struggling today but thats okay...

A x


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