Back to it!

YES!!! I made it back! After 3 long frustrating weeks, I got my arse into gear and got back in the gym this morning. Its amazing how much of a boost it gives you when you finally get something done that has been annoying you SO much.

On top of that I got to go for breakfast with my best friend and actually enjoy it without feeling sick or bloated after eating! Woohoo!

I've got a busy few days off ahead. Tomorrow food shop and popping into town, Saturday I have the first North Essex Endometriosis support group set up by Endometriosis UK. Sunday I'm off to the Grand Designs Show at the Excel in London and Monday is finished off with a meal and seeing The Shires at the Ipswich Regent.

I'm excited for the next few days. Its a good feeling after feeling low and groggy for the last couple of weeks. Fingers crossed the positiveness continues...

A x


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