One step forward, two steps back

Thats what it feels like at the moment. Yesterday I mentioned that I was on the sofa feeling like I was being punished after completing the tasks that I planned for the day. Well it turns out I have ANOTHER water infection.

I spent my Sunday afternoon at the Walk in Centre waiting for some antibiotics. I've had them enough to know the symptoms. I think I just like to stick my head in the sand sometimes. Doesn't everyone at some point?! Well I asked the Doctor what I can do to prevent these recurring infections. His response was "well if its the endometriosis causing them, theres nothing you can do." Well thats just great isn't it! This disease continues to throw more and more curveballs my way. I just wonder when they'll stop.

So another 7 days of 4 tablets a day and another £8.40 spent on a prescription. Endo is getting more and more expensive for me it would seem. But needs must.

My parents have bought me a TENs machine to see if it gives me some relief. I've always been reluctant to take too many pills so if this works its gonna be great! Thank you to my parents for being by my side today, an hour in a doctors waiting room isn't how you would have wanted to spend your afternoon I am sure, but I appreciate it. And I appreciate you.

Tomorrow is Monday again and the start of a new week. Lets hope it is a more positive one for me.

A x


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