My pain has been almost unbearable today. The backache, the pelvic pain, the hip pain and of course the headache which hasn't left my head for a week now. Whilst I was driving to work this morning, sitting in the daily traffic in Colchester, I was clouded by nothing but negative thoughts. The constant encouragement to get yourself to work, the wondering how many hours you will last before needing to go home, the overwhelming urge to just turn around and drive home so you can curl up in a ball and sleep. It was a long 25 minute drive today.

I've naturally experienced tiredness before but since being on these Prostap injections, I've found out the true meaning of fatigue. Chronic fatigue. The feeling of just being in a room but not taking anything in around you, whether it be sounds or movements. The feeling of your heavy body, not wanting to move, even to take a sip of your drink. And the worst of all, knowing you look exactly the way that you feel. Like poo.

I've got a foggy brain. I'm clumsy. And I'm tired, oh so tired. Today I would like a new body... more than ever.

A x


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