What is happening to me?

Its pulling me apart from the inside out. The pain is so intense and its zapping me of any energy. The heavy weight, feeling like a tonne of bricks sitting in my womb. The ache in my back, making it impossible to get comfortable. The shooting pains from my hips down through my legs. The tension in my head, making it difficult to concentrate. And the nauseous feeling, sitting there as a constant warning.

This week has been one of the hardest I have had since being diagnosed. The worry about whats happening inside. The concern about whether I need to go back to the hospital. Is this normal? Is this part of the parcel?

I want to cry. Cry because it hurts. Cry because I am frustrated. Cry because I miss my simple normal life.

What is happening to me? Why is my body struggling to fight so hard this week?

A x


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