Oh Mr Grey!

I woke up today determined to complete the plans I had made. So off to the gym I went first thing. Next on my list was getting some treats from my fav bakery in Colchester, Crouch Street Bakes. Another tick in the box. And finally, clearly the most important part of the plan, to get to the cinema to see Fifty Shades Darker with the Bestie.

Well let me just firstly say, Mr Grey didn't disappoint. Whilst I was sat in the cinema with horrid tummy pains, the man on the screen was a fab distraction for a couple of hours.

Unfortunately since then I've been home on the sofa with a hot water bottle and blanket. Perhaps my determination for completing my plans means I am paying for it now. But nevertheless, I beat you today Endo. You didn't stop me. Hell you would have been in serious trouble if you had made me miss watching that fine specimen of a man....

The Bestie & I

A x


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