Endo Flare Up

Hope you're all enjoying your Saturdays. Unfortunately for me, bloated Friday has carried on into Saturday and the pain has been quite intense today.

From my last MRI, it was noted that I had a 4cm cyst on my left ovary. It explains why the pain is much worse on the left hand side, plus I know the endo is more infiltrated on that side too. Feels like someones standing on my abdomen, putting pressure on it and causing uncomfortable pain. Still trying to stay positive about the injection on Tuesday. T minus 3 days.

Afternoon cuddles with Pebbles (my gorgeous cat), painkillers and a hot water bottle have been in order. However, although I'm struggling today I did complete two of my three weekend objectives which I mentioned in my last tweet yesterday (@hooky2), House valued, check! Car washed, check! So my Saturday hasn't been a complete write off.

Lets see what tomorrow brings but I'm hoping it will be a better day pain wise...

A x


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