Prostap Sympathy

Todays post is courtesy of my Best Friend who went to order my prescription for my Prostap injection in readiness for next Tuesday.

Any of these medications which put the body into an early menopause require ordering into the pharmacy. I had it before with the Decapeptyl, and now with the Prostap. And they ALWAYS cause confusion with the pharmacists behind the counter (tip: set up a recurring order so its ready and waiting for you every month). So yesterday when Bex went into Boots she knew it wasn't going to be an easy task.

The lady behind the counter obviously hadn't heard of the name before and so asked what it was for. Bex advised that it was to put the body into the menopause. The lady laughed. Now I'm assuming that was a laugh as she thought it was a joke or something. Otherwise I have no idea why someone would laugh at that!!

Anyway, off she went and on her return she had another two members of staff. One of them obviously confirmed the use of the medication which changed the tone of the conversation. Next came the questions. "Oh you look young for this" Bex responded that it wasn't for her but for someone who was actually younger than her. "how old is she?!" Bex kindly pointed out the age on the prescription which was when more sympathetic noises came from the women behind the counter. But oh no, the two oldies in the queue decided they wanted to join in the conversation too, saying how awful the menopause is. Bex had 20 minutes of sympathetic chat and noises before getting on her way.

It makes me feel a little sad for myself. But it did make me laugh too.

Thank you to you, Bex (I know you're reading) for continuing to sort collection of my prescriptions. At least we know why the Boots staff follow you around and offer you help. Its not because you look suspicious after all, they just feel bad for you. Teehee.

A x


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