My Journey

I guess I should start from the beginning...

When I was younger I had extremely heavy periods and horrid horrid pain. Every month was the same. That one week of the month was hell. I went on to the pill (Microgynon) to control the periods, ensuring they were regular and hopefully reducing the bleeding. But no luck.

I started going to the doctor, asking for advice and whether what I was experiencing was normal. I was dismissed multiple times. I guess to them it was just another young female moaning about their monthly cycle.

Eventually one Doctor gave me the benefit of the doubt. I had internal scans and examinations. I was told I had a thick womb lining and that my womb was tilted but other than that no signs of any cysts or abnormality. By this point, I had been referred to the hospital to see a Gynae Consultant. I had a procedure where they put a camera into my uterus to take pictures and at the same time I had a Mirena coil fitted to help with the pain.

My Gynae, I cannot fault. He is the top Endometriosis Specialist around and I truly believe he has my best interests at heart. After still suffering with immense pain, even after the coil was fitted, it was agreed that I would have a laparoscopy to go in and see what was happening.

Well the day of the laparoscopy procedure deserves its own post!! That day I found my allergy to anaesthetic. Haha. But the main thing that came from that day, was I was diagnosed with Stage 3/4 Endometriosis. But no, that wasn't to be all. I had its fellow evil cousin, Adenomyosis too.

So here I am 2 years since being diagnosed. I have tried multiple procedures which I will detail in my following posts to come.

It was a long process getting to diagnosis but I made it. My advice to you, don't give up. You know your body and if something doesn't seem right, go with your gut and fight to get the answers you deserve.

A x


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