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Happy Friday Endo Warriors!

I've touched on how fortunate I am to have the wonderful family and friends that I do in my previous posts, but I thought it deserved its own post. Through all the medication and procedures that I have tried, nothing is more effective than having those around you that care.

Let me start by saying that this disease sucks. Like really sucks. And I can handle what it throws at me. The pain. The heart break. The realisation that I'll never carry my own child. But what I struggle with is the strain it puts on all my friends and family.

Sometimes I bore myself, repeating daily how I don't feel 100%, feeling like I might as well just have a sign on my forehead stating the fact. All those times that I pull out of meals, or those pre-made plans because I just don't feel up to it. Feeling like a huge disappointment to those around me. I find myself apologising more and more for missed days out or spontaneous trips. Whilst all the time, its breaking my heart too that I can't do all the things I want with those that I love.

I am a strong, independent young woman, who takes pride in my work and my life. So to have a disease that relies on others or restricts me is a hard concept for me to take. But recently, I've opened up to more people about my struggles. I've posted on Facebook, Twitter and now this blog about my disease. Its hard. Its a big thing for me to do. I don't want to be seen as weak. I don't want my colleagues to think I am any less able to do my job. But there are days that I don't want to get out of bed. Not because my bed is comfy. Not because I'm lazy. But because the pain just makes me want to curl up and not move.

Those are the days that my friends and family come into their own. Whether its my Bestie, making me breakfast because I'm so slow getting up out of bed due to the pain. Or whether its the morning phone call to my Mum, just to try cheer me up. Or whether its a text from my Dad, telling me how proud he is of me for speaking up. Or whether its my Sister, offering to be a surrogate for me because she knows how much I want my own family. Its those people that get me through my bad days, making them into good days.

What I'm trying to say is, ladies, it is SO important to talk. Whether that's to loved ones, friends or a complete stranger on a blog. Share how you're feeling. Share your experiences. Because someone out there knows exactly what you're going through and can be that friend when you need them the most. Without friends and family, this disease is a lot harder to deal with.

Thank you to all my family and friends. I love you. I appreciate you. And you are my rocks.

A x


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