Uterine Embolisation

As promised, I thought I would share my experiences with procedures I have tried for my endo and ade. So first up, Uterine Embolisation...

In October 2015, I under went a procedure which was primarily for my adenomyosis symptoms. The procedure involved an operation and an overnight stay in hospital but the hope that it would ease some of the agonising symptoms made it worth it. 

I already knew the ade was pretty bad for me. When I was diagnosed, the consultant told me that they nearly perforated my womb wall as it was so spongy rather than a strong muscle. Since then I've also been told its one of the most prominent cases of ade that he has seen.

The op was done under local anaesthetic and so I was awake the whole time. It involved the surgeons going in through an artery in my groin and pumping in some beads to block off some of the blood vessels in my womb. It was described to me as glue. "We're gluing the vessels". The idea was that this would stop the ade from spreading any further thus easing some of the pain.

The procedure was painless. But I had to remain completely flat for a good few hours after the procedure. Eventually I was gradually allowed to start sitting up... slowly! In my case, not slowly enough. Unfortunately I had a set back where the artery reopened and I had a minor bleed out in my bed!! Scary stuff, but what you'll learn is that my hospital stays are never simple. Haha.

I was released the next day and recovered for a couple of weeks after the procedure. All pretty simple really.

A year later, I had another MRI to check on the progress of the ade (and endo) since the procedure. Although the scans showed positive reduction in the spread of the ade, unfortunately I was still struggling with pain. And it was at that point that I became one of the stats that the uterine embolisation was unsuccessful for....

SO, another treatment tried but still no luck for me. That said, I would suggest giving it a go if you're offered the procedure. After all, what have you got to lose? It could help you :)

A x


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