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One of the symptoms I have struggled to adjust to the most is the dizziness. That moment when you're in the middle of something and all of a sudden you feel light headed or faint. That moment where you panic that you are about to make a fool of yourself in front of your work colleagues, or the strangers in the shop. No doubt its something you have all experienced at some point in your journey.

I started to research what I could do to help with the sudden dizziness that I was experiencing. I was willing to try anything to take away the anxiety that I felt when going out, worrying that at any point I would need to stop and take a seat.

Well ladies, the answer is vitamins. After scaling the internet, I found several other Endo Warriors saying they had tried various vitamins, not only to help with dizziness but also the other symptoms endo/ade put upon us.

I now take Bioglan Womens Multi-Vitamins on a daily basis. In fact I take two a day. One in the morning and one at night. Whats even better is that they are chewable vitamins so no huge tablets to take. They contain Vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D and Zinc. They also include hormonal balance, energy metabolism and immune function. Since taking them, the faint feeling has eased. I'm not going to say its gone completely because that would be a lie. But honestly, they have given me a huge sense of relief.

I am just about to start taking Calcium and Magnesium supplements too. I was advised that I need to increase my Vitamin D and Calcium intake now I am on HRT. This is due to the possible side effects it may have on your bones.

Sure, these vitamins and supplements don't always come cheap. But if they bring me any relief from the daily symptoms of this ghastly disease, I'm all for spending that little extra cash on a monthly basis.

Let me know if you have tried anything different and whether they have been successful. Its through sharing our experiences, that we can help one another.

A x


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